Lütjenburg Gymnasium's School Programme and Approach

Thank you for your interest in our school programme! Fundamentally revised in November 2013 and again updated in November 2014, it is available here to download (in German).

From year one, our nine-year Gymnasium puts cooperation front and centre: this begins with the introductory week for the 5th grade classes and extends to various trips distributed across each pupil’s school career, as well as violence and addiction prevention, meaning our pupils can grow as an individual.

As preparation for a life of training and work, interdisciplinary techniques and skills are gradually taught and reinforced, this of course includes the essential use of new media in the 21st century.

By looking at the fundamental approaches to our work at Lütjenburg Gymnasium, you can learn more about what we do. This includes our idea of “Support and Demand”, the preventative action we take and our approach towards career orientation, training for trainee teachers and further training for teaching staff.


Translation: James Shelley (2019)