Class and Year Group Trips

The pupils at our school go on various school trips, each unique in their own way.

The first school trip at the Gymnasium is taken by all 5th graders to the residential camp in Trappenkamp. This trip is organised to allow the pupils to get to know one another in their new class and year group, and to experience a feeling of community within their new school. As a result, the atmosphere within each class in particular and the school in general is extremely well supported. The programme consists mostly of sports aimed at fostering cooperation and consideration towards others. Pupils from the 11th grade accompany the new pupils, and so can assist and answer questions. The individual class teachers are excused from planning the trip so that they can look after their pupils and get to know them from a different perspective.

In 7th grade another trip takes place that aims to teach through experience. It runs for five days at Lake Schwerin; this is organised by the Society for the Promotion of Education through Experience. The programme is shaped by two carers trained in social pedagogy, after discussion with the class teachers. This is so that the accompanying teachers can focus on the educational issues while getting the opportunity to observe their new class from a different angle. The pupils of the newly formed classes live their own house, which they have to maintain during their stay. The course programme also requires the pupils to work together in different ways - whether they are canoeing, climbing, playing sports or completing other tasks. Afterwards, reflective discussions about the interactions with the other group members foster mutual understanding and trust, which benefits cooperation in class.

The trip marking the end of middle school in the 10th grade is also all about the feeling of community and positive development of the atmosphere within the classroom. All 10th graders travel to Austria for a ski trip.

Here, the pupils live together in a house amongst the mountains and learn to ski or snowboard on the piste. Trust between the members of the group is central.

Almost in passing, the pupils gain completely new experiences with a radically different climate, impressive natural scenery and, of course, new physical challenges. After learning how to travel in the snow, the pupils also learn about the dangers of being in the mountains and how to keep safe. The pupils are subsequently able to benefit from the long-lasting impressions from this experience in the 11th grade.

Translation: James Shelley (2019)